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Park Costs - General Information

A quick fix for a city, school or church. Can be moved easily. Starting at $3,000 and average $15,000

As little as $50,000 and up to $300,000 with the average park being 10,000 sq.ft feet and costing around $100,000 require regular maintenance - surfaces may be birch, skatelite or skatelite pro.

Spots are relatively new. These can be anywhere from 2500 sq ft to over 10,000 sq ft. they do not have transition or bowls and duplicate "spots" that skaters and bikers would find in their city. Costs are averaging $24 a sq ft.

Concrete starting as low as $24 sq. ft. average $35 sq. ft. depending on excavation, grading, drainage, irrigation, water table etc. You must work with a qualified designer / builder if you build a concrete park. It is written in stone and many cities have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on poorly designed and built parks. If you park is unstaffed the builder should design for all users because all users will use it no matter what you post. Most qualified builders are doing this anyway but make sure to verify. If they say the can't build for all users then talk to a builder who can. We can refer you to someone who can.

We are against banning skating. Skating is a great source of exercise in a country of overweight people. This is an affordable means of transportation for millions of youth. Skating is relatively safe and does not pollute the environment. It is fun too!

Skaters should not be ticketed for skating! It is not a crime. Ticketing skaters is nothing more than harassment by the police and should not be tolerated. Many cities have forgiven all skaters tickets and stopped the police from issuing more. Police should spend their time fighting real crime not raising revenue for the city. Many police refuse to write tickets for skateboarding and have actually stepped up to help the kids get skateparks. All tickets should be fought by the skater - see our sight under tickets. No 10-12 year old deserves a warrant out for his/her arrest for skateboarding.

Many cities require skaters to raise the funds to build their skatepark. The kids have been very successful but unless the city required the tennis players, swimmers, soccer players, little league, toddlers etc. to raise funds for their facilities then you have a civil rights issue.

You may be able to get either COKE or PEPSI to donate funds to your park, but there is no national program. You need to contact your local bottling plant for information and in exchange offer exclusive vending machine rights. You may also be able to get your local grocery chain and other stores to donate through SCRIPT.

SCRIPT is a program where supporters agree to shop at certain stores and the stores in turn donate 5%-10% of customers sales to the project. It does not cost the consumer anything. You will need to be non profit for this so you might want to do it through your schools or local churches.


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